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TurboRetract Car Charger

TurboRetract Car Charger

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Introducing the TurboRetract Car Charger, a versatile on-the-go charging solution designed for today's tech-savvy drivers. Crafted for efficiency and convenience, this car charger offers a wide range of features to meet your diverse charging needs.

Key Features:

Versatile Models: The TurboRetract Car Charger is available in three models, each catering to different device preferences (Type-c or for Apple).

Dual Charging Capability: With the TurboRetract Car Charger, you can simultaneously charge two devices, with one port delivering a maximum output of 66W and the other providing 20W, resulting in a total maximum output of 100W. Fast charging is supported for devices compatible with cigarette lighter fast charging.

Supports Multiple Terminals: This charger accommodates a variety of devices with its three different charging terminals. You can select between two Type-C terminals, two Lightning terminals, or a combination of Type-C and Apple terminals.

Compact and Tangle-Free: The TurboRetract Car Charger's charging cables are designed for neat and compact storage. Each cable, with a length of about 80 cm, features a winding design to prevent tangling.

Additional USB/Type-C Port: Alongside the primary charging cables, this car charger also includes a convenient USB/Type-C port. With this extra port, you can charge up to four devices simultaneously, making it ideal for extended trips with multiple passengers.

Real-Time Voltage Display: The built-in voltage digital display keeps you informed about your vehicle's battery status. This feature is compatible with input voltages ranging from 10V to 30V, allowing usage in both standard and large vehicles.

Package Includes:

  • 1 TurboRetract Car Charger

Stay connected and powered up on your journeys with the TurboRetract Car Charger, a reliable source for fast, efficient, and convenient charging while on the go. Get yours now and experience a new level of connectivity and convenience in your car. This product, made of ABS and PC materials, is certified by the FCC and weighs only 158g. Its compact dimensions (139 mm x 65 mm x 35 mm) make it an excellent addition to your travel essentials, and it's designed to fit your car's cigarette lighter socket.


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